About SEAS

SEAS Education is the award-winning national leader in education management software for schools.

Since 1995, SEAS Education has helped thousands of school districts achieve their goals for fidelity, compliance, accountability, collaboration, achievement, and positive student outcomes. SEAS Education software products and services are designed to save teachers and administrators time as they juggle the management of necessary paperwork with devoting ample time to their students.

The “secret” to the perennial success of the original SEAS IEP and SEAS Achieve product suites is our team’s ability to listen to the anxieties and to discern the needs of those on the front lines of our educational system. As founder Harvey Hughes has long told teachers and administrators, “You guys built this. We just listened.”

SEAS Education is an innovative technology company dedicated to solving problems in education. The company’s original product was born out of the need for school districts to manage the deluge of paperwork required by the new Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA). Today, over 80 SEAS associates serve both special education and general education nationwide from offices in eleven states.