When students' success is on the line, falling behind isn’t an option. Don’t allow outdated, inefficient tools and methods to hold your school district back. Bring your IEP process to the modern era.

Quality and Consistency Across the Entire District


We understand it’s a challenge to ensure a high level of accuracy, quality and consistency in IEP creation across a district. 

That's where CLASS comes in. CLASS provides unprecedented student skill gap analysis to drill down and produce thorough objectives for IEPs. IEPs based on CLASS assessments lead to improved student performance. 

Allow CLASS to take out the guesswork.

Award Winning Performance.

CLASS Online Assessments and Plan Builder has been repeatedly celebrated as a must have tool for school districts to keep in their Special Education toolbox.

CLASS has received several awards over the years including EdTech Digest's Cool Tool in 2016 and 2017.


No Stress Solution.

If you work in Special Education, you understand the complexities associated with maintaining compliance.

CLASS brings new levels of transparency to the IEP creation process, easing parent anxiety, ensuring the district is prepared for agency monitoring and even providing protection against litigation.

"The CLASS IEP Program has been a cornerstone of our Special Education department for more than 20 years. It gives the Administration peace of mind to know that all of our staff is creating appropriate IEPs."


Good news! You can find out all of the amazing things CLASS has to offer for yourself. Schedule your free demo today.

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