Measure Progress, Track Services and Performance

Accountability includes over 40 reports to provide insight into all areas of IEP performance including goal progress. Educators input their caseload and assign a schedule for each student that aligns with their IEP. The IEP plan is pre-populated on the Accountability calendar for the entire school year saving hours of manual data entry. When a service is performed, the user simply selects it on the calendar and Accountability matches the deliverable with the student demographic information all based on initial schedule setup.

Detailed and Precise Reporting

Accountability allows districts to document IEP deliverables along with related services needed to fulfill each IEP. Our web-based solution provides your district with an easy way to record duration and frequency of performed services down to the minute. Documenting, tracking and sharing data on services performed according to a specialized student plan helps districts demonstrate compliance, which can be easily defended and supported in the case of an audit. Most importantly, by using Accountability districts are able to track progress against plan goals and create transparencies across the district, state, and to each student’s parents.

Accountability tracks:

  • Percentages related to goals accomplished & goals in queue
  • Records of time in/out
  • Procedure codes
  • Service types
  • Notes

Privacy and Security

Accountability exceeds any HIPAA or FERPA confidentiality requirements.

Audit Protection

Accountability protects districts in the case of an audit by providing digital proof of services provided based on an IEP. All information is captured in one place, so administrators can monitor all data inputs in real-time, tracking who did what and when. Electronic signatures from service providers verify the data is accurate. The Accountability process decreases mistakes and increases visibility, and provides your district with the data you need in the case of an audit.

Accountability is an essential product in the SEAS Student Performance Platform. When combined with SEAS Medicaid Reimbursement service school districts have an all-in-one solution for capturing, monitoring and reporting, and reimbursement of IEP-based services.
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