IRP forms now in Achieve

Mississippi Individual Reading Plan (IRP) forms added to Achieve.

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The Literacy Based Promotion Act passed in Mississippi in 2013 has added yet another form for teachers to complete. The act states that students in K-3 scoring at the lowest level in reading on the established state assessment for 3rd grade will not move on to 4th grade. Once a student is identified as having a “substantial deficiency in reading,” their teacher is to first notify parents or guardians, and then begin implementation of the student’s Individual Reading Plan (IRP).

IRP forms now in Achieve and SEAS Classic.

This summer, the Mississippi Department of Education released the IRP forms in an electronic format, which means these forms are now available in the SEAS Achieve program! Educators using SEAS for their student RTI plans will be able to add an IRP for any student, and then easily add and update goals, document guidelines,  interventions and instruction planned for the student, and track progress.

See them at our conference.

The new IRP forms will be covered at length during our training sessions during the SEAS Mississippi Educational Conference. For more information on the conference, and to register for training, click here.

If you have more questions about the IRP forms please contact us at or call us at 877-221-7327.