Congratulations CLASS! EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Award Finalist

Hilary Myers Assessments, SEAS News 2 Comments


Every year EdTech Digest hosts their Cool Tool Award Program where they recognize companies, products, tools, apps, and people for their positive contributions to the education industry. These contributions could be in the form of new technology, or simply enriching the lives of teachers and students across the country.

“Featuring the best and brightest in edtech, the annual recognition program seeks to highlight and celebrate the most effective products and the most innovative and inspiring people.”


SEAS Education is proud to announce that CLASS Online Assessment and Plan Builder was recognized as a finalists in the 2016 Assessment Solution category. CLASS has been helping teachers write better, individualized IEPs since 1978, and with the introduction of the online interface in 2015 we’ve been able to streamline the entire IEP writing process. You can create tests, administer assessments, build your IEPs (in a nifty step-by-step module), write your PLAFFP statements and monitor progress all in one web-based program.

We’re honored to be acknowledged by EdTech Digest for the hard work we’ve put into CLASS so that teacher’s can have it a little easier.




Hilary Myers
Director of Assessments


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