SEAS Education Gets A New Look

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If you’ve been a long time SEAS user, or even if you just joined us this past school year, you may have noticed a few changes in the look of our company and products. I’m here to tell you you’re not going crazy! We have indeed made some changes, and I’m excited to officially announce and unveil what’s new with SEAS.

SEAS Education as a company has truly evolved in the last few years. We’re not just an IEP company anymore. We’re a technology company, here to help educators and administrators create a better workflow for administering student assessments, writing education plans, analyzing student data, and recouping Medicaid service dollars. And though these four areas of school district frustration may seem unrelated, they are actually very connected, which is something SEAS has grown to learn.

So here we have our new SEAS logo:

This logo for us communicates a more connected and simpler approach to our products and our company message, with the unity and interconnectedness of the Student Performance Platform coming through in the waves graphic.

Our Student Performance Platform pulls into focus what SEAS is all about, which is to help educators drive student performance by increasing the level of quality, consistency and compliance across assessments, planning, data management and reimbursements.

Here’s what’s new:

CLASS iconCLASS became a critical component of the platform after we acquired the company and our long time partner earlier this year. CLASS has been helping teachers since 1978 with student skills gap analysis to drive thorough objectives for IEPs. Now CLASS assessments are available online, which gives school districts a better and more consistent process for writing IEPs.


achieve.pngAchieve is the grown-up version of our classic IEP writer. Districts can now create and manage any and all education plan types from one web-based program with a single login. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.


datasense.pngDataSense is a new offering from SEAS. DataSense is our data management solution specifically for school districts. It’s an easier way to share all of your districts purposeful data between all of your software applications without the need for expensive and time consuming custom development.


reimbursement.pngReimbursement, formerly known as SEAS Medicaid, is a data collection system and service for school districts customized for each state with built-in, up to date business rules that uncover the broadest range of Medicaid reimbursable services. We’ll be providing the same great service and results to our districts, just under a new product name. You can read one of our success stories on our blog here.

SEAS Education has a fresh look to better represent our strong commitment to serving educators and facilitating student progress.


Harvey Hughes
Founder, SEAS Education


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